Sourdough Beginner's Kit: YOur 2021 guide to success

The free Sourdough Beginner's Kit is a hand-picked list of the top Leavenly videos, printouts, recipes, and resources to help you bake amazing sourdough bread in your own home.

Avoid frustration and let Leavenly guide you on a successful start to your sourdough journey today!

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    what's inside?

    The Sourdough Beginner's Kit is a beautifully crafted PDF with curated content to help you walk confidently through the sourdough process. It's easy to get lost with all the information out there, so the Sourdough Beginner's Kit is designed to empower you to move forward through the sourdough process, one step at a time, with Leavenly as your guide.

    There are many pitfalls when starting sourdough that so many new bakers quit. I should know, I was one of them! I got so frustrated when I started baking sourdough that I quit for a full year. It wasn't until I got back into it that I discovered to how to make sourdough work for me.

    I learned the secret to making sourdough frustration-free, and now I want to share it with you!

    Fast forward a few years: I now run a successful sourdough baking blog and have the opportunity to work with thousands of sourdough home bakers. I know firsthand how to successfully turn busy women and men into Sourdough Mamas and Papas! Use the tools, tips, and tricks in the Sourdough Beginner's Kit to avoid the complexity and learn the secrets of sourdough today.

    What are people saying about Leavenly?

    "​I just want to thank my wonderful baking mentor for getting me on the road to regular bread baking. I’m continuing to bake using your excellent sourdough recipe and I now feel very confident in my baking ability." - Joel, Sourdough Papa
    "Just wanted to let you know my first batch of bread was a success! The whole process was so fun and I’m excited to be able to share freshly baked bread with neighbors and friends." - Meg, Sourdough Mama
    "I found Heather's guide to take a seemingly difficult and long process and break it down to several easy and manageable steps. This Sourdough bread baking Mama is staying on that bandwagon!" - Marlene, Sourdough Mama

    In the Sourdough Beginner's Kit, you'll find:

    • 10 sourdough baking tools you need to get started
    • Printable sourdough notes template
    • Free online course
    • 4 videos with hands-on demonstrations
    • 5 articles and recipes with guided instructions, including options for those living at high-altitude
    • Encouraging community support
    • ...and more!

    Meet Heather, Sourdough Mama & Owner of Leavenly

    Heather is the creater of Leavenly, the platform helping turn thousands of busy women into Sourdough Mamas. She encourages busy women to bake sourdough bread at home for their families, and shows them that it's absolutely possible. Heather developed the flexible Leavenly Method to help home bakers make sourdough fit into their ingredients, their kitchen, and their life.